Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A bit of a break from poetry

I knew this was going to happen.  It's happened before.  I've been teaching this semester-- population geography at University of Maryland, Baltimore County-- and just like in the past, I'm busy enough preparing lectures, reading essays, and grading tests, in addition to my full-time work as well as family, that I don't have time to write poetry.  Or, don't make time to write poetry.  But, just so you don't think the inkwell has gone dry, I'll share links to what I have been writing. 

Last Monday, the Census Bureau announced the list of urbanized areas and urban clusters for the 2010 Census, as well as urban and rural population and land area information.  I wrote the news release

A blog post describing how we define urban areas was posted today on the Census Bureau's Random Samplings blog.

I'll have an entry about the Census Bureau's activities at the 2012 Association of American Geographers conference posted in the Census Bureau's Research Matters blog.  That entry was actually written in mid-February, but due to delays in releasing the Research@Census web site led to a backlog of blog posts.  Mine should appear in the next few weeks (I hope)-- suitably edited into past tense by the blog editors.

It's not poetry, but it'll do.