Monday, December 28, 2009

The Skimino Cycle

The poems posted below are all part of a body of work I call "The Skimino Cycle." These poems draw upon events in my family's history. They are rooted in time, geography, personal relationships, religion, and how we approach life. The people are real, and the events and themes of each poem based on fact, but all else is imagined by me based on what I've been able to learn about each individual from various documents as well as on my belief that the way people act and interrelate really hasn't changed much over time.

I've posted them in chronological order, with the earliest poem posted ("Skimino") taking place farthest back in time. To read them in order, start with the first poem posted and work your way up through time. I plan to continue writing and posting new poems, but likely will not maintain chronological order.

This being a public blog, comments are welcome. Enjoy!

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