Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year's Day Poetic E-Parlor Game

This morning, I posted a New Year's Day haiku as my status on my Facebook page. My sister, Amy Ratcliffe, commented with a haiku of her own, which set off a series of haiku, modified haiku, and one tanka. I've posted the series here. My contributions are in regular font; Amy's italicized.

White snow on green grass;
Clouds obscure the dawning sun--
A New Year begins.

A gentle rain falls
Washing the slate of time clean--
A New Year begins.

Clouds part; sun lights way.
I resolve to not resolve--
A New Year begins.

Though cleansed by soft rain,
The landscape beyond my door
Has not been transformed.

A New Year begins,
And I must see with new eyes
The view I desire.

A New Year begins
With sun and clouds in one place;
In the other, a soft rain.
Our thoughts flow as rivers; words
Are the landscape that connects.

Winter's icy winds
Are prelude to Summer's warmth--
Verse, our playful Spring.

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