Sunday, March 1, 2015

February goes out with a fox: Day 28 sound poem prompt-- red fox barking

If March is coming in like a lion this year, then perhaps we should say that February went out with a fox-- the bark of a red fox, that is.  That was the sound clip for Day 28 in the sound poetry series hosted by Laura Shovan over at Author Amok.  My poem was just a little wordplay prompted by the bark and thinking about foxes.

Red Fox

Run, red fox, run.
The chase is on.
Riders in red pursue,
but cannot hear your cries
over blaring horns
and galloping hooves.
Go to ground, red fox,
go to ground. 
The hounds will clamor
at the entrance to your den,
while you, ever the clever one,
slip quietly out the back.

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