Thursday, March 28, 2013

At the Center of the US Population

My poem "At the Center of the US Population" was posted on Orion Magazine's blog site on March 29.  Orion published an article on the 2010 center of population written by Jeremy Miller in this month's issue.  Jeremy, a free-lance writer, accompanied the small group of us geodesists, surveyors, and geographers in March 2011 as we journeyed to Plato, Missouri to identify a good location to place the center of population marker.  It was great to see Jeremy's article finally published.  By coincidence, I had just written my poem only a few weeks before.  I shared it with him, and he forwarded it on to Orion's editors. 

The blog post is here.  Jeremy Miller's article is here.

Here's our group, standing next to the "Center Tree;" from left to right:  Derick Moore (Census Bureau), Mike Ratcliffe (Census Bureau), Darrell Pratte (Missouri Land Survey Program), Dave Doyle (National Geodetic Survey), Brian Ward (NOAA).

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