Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 23 Sound Poems: Smoke on the Water, or in a deep purple haze

The sound for Day 23 was a sound clip on Songsterr for Smoke on the Water.  This bastion of classic rock has been stuck in my brain all day today, ever since I started thinking about what to write.  And, the question was (besides "how do I get the friggin' song out of my head?") what to write?  The song makes me think of the 70s, a decade that really ought to  be forgotten (for the most part).  I liked Smoke on the Water way back in the 70s, but that was primarily in my junior high school days before I began developing a more, shall we say, discerning taste in music.  Before Punk and New Wave.  Before I began listening to DC-area progressive stations like (the old) WHFS or WGTB (anyone remember that?  "One Nation, Underground") and now WTMD.  Anyways... here's the poem in response (and for those who want to sing along, the syllables in each line fit with the rhythm of the song):

What is it about those notes?
They are stuck on my mind.
Simple notes to start the song,
’bout as basic as you’ll find.

Takes me back to junior high
in the nineteen seventies.
Years that I’d like to forget,
but these notes won’t let me.

Smoke on the water,
I rarely hear it played.
Cuz I only listen
to Indie rock these days.

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