Saturday, February 14, 2015

More Sounds of Poetry: Mockingbirds and a Woodhen mocking a Mockingbird

Poetry prompt sounds continue over at Author Amok's page.  The Northern Mockingbird provided the sound for day 12 (February 12), the Cape Eagle Owl on day 13, and the American Woodcock on day 14.  I didn't have anything for day 13, but here are my poems in response to the Mockingbird and the Woodcock.  In thinking about the mating dance and calls of the Woodcock, I got to wondering what might happen if a mockingbird tried to woo a woodhen with more than just a song.  The result is below.


Many-tongued mimic,
you sit outside my window
covering the songs of other birds.
In my bird-call ignorance,
I have no reason to judge.
I sit and enjoy your repertoire.
I wonder: When standing
at the microphone, if I spoke
only the words of other poets,
would I be mocked?



Yeah, I see you over there,
struttin’ around all stiff-legged.
You think you’re somethin’
but I saw you up there in the air.
You call that a dance?
I’ve seen turkeys spiral up better than you.
Hey, I’m gonna call you Rock,
’cuz that’s how you fell.
You’re suppose to fall like a leaf,
all graceful and floatin’ gently,
but the way you came down—Rock. 
No wonder you’re walkin’ so stiff.
Yeah, you may have the call down,
mimicking one of them fine woodcocks,
but honey, you ain’t foolin’ none of us girls.

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